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     Last September, Dr. Maynard, his wife Brigitte, daughter Juliette, and friends, Dr. Matt Reeves and Lisa Noguchi Reeves visited the southern African country of Malawi. The group went to Phalombe Hospital in the rural east of the nation to provide medical care and to carry much needed medical supplies.


Dr. and Mrs. Maynard at Phalombe Hospital

Feston Mpulula, Medical Officer, at Phalombe Health Center

     Phalombe Hospital, which is administered by the Archdiocese of Blantyre (Malawi), is the only medical facility in the region and serves an incredibly large number of patients despite its tiny resources. Medication expenses and the unfavorable exchange rate for the Malawian kwacha have put an enormous strain on the hospital's financial resources.



 The local population has very limited access to health care and may walk, often for days, to reach the hospital. The hospital provides care to all patients arriving there and is often very crowded, particularly during the rainy season (November to May). 

Children we met on the Phalombe road

Likulezi Project HIV Disease Educators


 The people of the region, as in many parts of Africa, are at risk for many severe illnesses which markedly reduce life expectancy. HIV disease, malaria, tuberculosis, and malnutrition are sadly far too common and have reduced life expectancy to a mere 37 years.        


 "I felt incredibly useful at Phalombe Hospital and the gratitude expressed by the patients for what we did for them was often quite overwhelming", said Dr. Maynard. 

Dr. Maynard with a patient and her family

      Dr. Maynard and his group provided direct patient care as well as gave instruction to the dedicated health care professionals who work there permanently.

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Drs. Maynard and Reeves  in the Operating Room at Phalombe Hospital  

     If you would like to know how you can help the people of Phalombe, please call Dr. Maynard at his office, 508-478-5550


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